Greetings from Canoa, Ecuador! I have just passed the one month mark of earthquake relief down here with All Hands Volunteers. As I left New York one month ago, I was filled with many emotions. Excitement, anxiety, wonderment. I had no idea what I was really about to embark upon, but somehow, deep inside, I […]

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How to Score Discount Tickets to Broadway Shows

Everyone knows there’s nothing like seeing a show on Broadway. There’s a certain energy in those few blocks of Manhattan, a spark in the air that only exists on the stages of New York City. But, if you’re like most of us, how can you afford to go see a show when tickets can cost […]

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Is this really India? After a few challenging weeks in the city’s big cities, Goa was like a vacation in the vacation. I stumbled upon South Goa’s fantastic Patnem Beach for some much-needed rest and relaxation.